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It is a dream of every medical aspirant to study medicine from abroad medical universities and gain a valuable degree. No doubt, Indian medical universities also have great recognition but due to many other factors, pursuing MBBS abroad is a win-win situation.

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MBBS Abroad


It is a dream of every medical aspirant to study medicine from abroad medical universities and gain a valued degree. No doubt, Indian medical universities also have great recognition but due to many other factors, pursuing MBBS from abroad is a win-win situation.

Every year there are thousands of students who travel abroad especially for further studies and the percentage of medical students is also very high. Many different countries have various prestigious universities that provide world-class education with modern amenities. There are numerous benefits and plus points of studying MBBS in Abroad universities.

Some of the most popular countries to study MBBS are Russia, China, UK, USA, Italy, Canada, Australia, Armenia, UAE, Indonesia, Korea, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Philippines and many others. These countries are also a part of various organisations and so the universities of these countries are recognized by prestigious organisations of the world like NMC, WHO, UNESCO and MCI.

According to a survey, more than 7,50,000 Indian students are studying medicine abroad. As we know for a fact that the education abroad is highly valued which provides best quality education with low-cost tuition fees and great international exposure. Hence, studying MBBS abroad is the best decision one could ever make. It will definitely be a great deal, as it makes the students’ future bright ahead.

So, if you need any kind of assistance or guidance our Pick Your Study education team will help you and guide you thoroughly along with clearing all your queries.

Benefits of studying MBBS abroad

  • The quality of education in abroad is world-class and worth every penny.
  • The team members and faculty members are well-educated and highly skilled.
  • Many medical universities abroad are recognized by famous organisations like WHO, UNESCO, NMC and MCI.
  • Most of the universities abroad are affiliated to their assigned hospitals where the students can practise practical training.
  • The degree of MBBS from abroad universities hold a lot of recognition and value and hence the student can get job easily anywhere in the World.
  • The students do not have to give any donations or capitation fee to study MBBS abroad.
  • The universities in abroad have much higher scope and job opportunities.
  • The students need not worry about visa, since almost all the country’s student visa is availed easily.
  • The fee structure and cost of living is quite reasonable and affordable in abroad.
  • Every medical university abroad definitely has accommodation services provided.
  • Students who do not wish to stay at the hostels can even find rented apartments or shared apartments easily at lowest prices.
  • The job opportunities and salary packages are exceedingly best in abroad.
  • Almost all the universities have scholarships or financial aid benefits available for the needy students.
  • MBBS abroad gives great international exposure and chance of global opportunities.
  • Students can have different experience of living and unparalleled lifestyle while studying abroad.

Best country to study MBBS abroad

The number of students looking forward to pursuing MBBS abroad is increasing rapidly day by day and the most prominent country to study MBBS for medical students is Russia.

Russia being the most powerful country in the World undoubtedly also has the best education system. Talking about MBBS in Russia, it is extremely affordable and cheap there. The Russian universities are world famous for its unparalleled experience and top-notch quality of education. The main factor which a student looks upto while finding a university is low-cost tuition fee with best education, modern infrastructure and practical training with powerful technology. Perhaps, these are all the promising qualities all the Russian medical universities persist.

Lately, Russia has become the most sought-after country to provide MBBS education and medical students ideal destination. The are numerous fctors of Russian universities which differentiates itself from other countries in the World. It is a dream of every medical aspirant to get a seat in the universities of Russia.

The MBBS course duration in Russia is 6 years and the tuition fee ranges from approximately INR 2.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs per year, which is extremely low compared to other countries in the World. No other country has this low tuition fees with such marvellous education system and other benefits. The general eligibility criteria required in its universities are 50% scores in 10+2 standard with physics, chemistry and biology subjects, and a compulsory NEET exam. Besides the NEET exam its universities do not ask for any other entrance exam. The student age limit for MBBS in Russia is 17 years to 25 years.

Russia has an advantage over other medical universities that are located in other nations thanks to its exceptional medical curriculum that is based on international standards, world-class infrastructures, and recognition by the National Medical Commission in India, the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNESCO. It makes sense why students choose it as one of the top locations for their MBBS abroad studies.

In addition to the affordable tuition for the medical programmes provided in Russia, undergraduate medical students may also qualify for substantial scholarships and financial aid. Additionally, the cost of living is extremely low here. The MBBS degree from Russian universities holds a exceptional value, recognition and worth in terms of professional chances across the globe. These elements combine to make Russia an excellent alternative to study MBBS abroad.

Average tuition fees for MBBS abroad

There are many valid reasons for medical students to plan their MBBS from abroad such as global recognition of degree, amazing placements, international exposure, world-class education, and practical knowledge expertise. However, the student needs to know about the fact that studying MBBS abroad can cost you around INR 15 lakhs to 70 lakhs depending upon the university and country you choose. 

Here’s a list of top MBBS countries and their average tuition fees.


Course duration

Fees structure INR

MBBS in Russia

6 years

15 lakhs – 60 lakhs

MBBS in Ukraine

6 years

20 lakhs – 30 lakhs

MBBS in Georgia

6 years

22 lakhs – 35 lakhs

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

5 years

13 lakhs – 20 lakhs

MBBS in Kazakhstan

5 years

18.5 lakhs – 25 lakhs

MBBS in Poland

6 years

60 lakhs – 70 lakhs

MBBS in Armenia

6 years

22 lakhs – 30 lakhs

MBBS in China

6 years

25 lakhs – 30 lakhs

MBBS in Philippines

5.8 years

22 lakhs – 30 lakhs

Step-by-step admission process for studying MBBS abroad

Different countries have different patterns and processes but the standard and basic admission process is given below. However, most of the countries have simple and uncomplicated admission process so that students can find ease and avoid confusion during enrollment.

Step 1. The students should themselves fill up the application form online with correct details. Make sure you do not make any form of mistakes as that can lead to discarding of your  admission form.

Step 2- After you submit your application form along with some documents the universities ask, you will receive an invitation/offer letter from the medical university that you have applied for if they find you eligible.

Step 3- You will have to pay the MBBS course fee to the university as soon as you receive the invitation letter.

Step 4- After the successful payment of the course fee, you can now file the visa and start the further process.

Step 5- It depends from country to country in how many working days you will be receiving your visa. However, as soon as you receive your student visa card you can book your flights to the respective countries at the earliest.

Step 6- Finally now it is your time to catch a flight to the respective country abroad and work to make your dream come alive.

If you face any issue or have any queries, you can contact the university or the consultancy firm and resolve all your problems.

Documents required

Here’s a list of documents that are asked by the universities during the admissions. Students are expected to submit their valid and genuine documents to the universities when asked. So make sure you assemble all the documents carefully and submit it to them when required. 

  • Passport copies
  • Birth certificate 
  • Identification proof
  • Passport size photos 
  • Medical reports including (HIV reports)
  • Visa fees
  • Bank statement 
  • NOC from public authority 
  • Documents legalised by the respective embassies. 
  • Copy of 10th class mark sheets 
  • Copy of 12th mark      sheets

Eligibility criteria

There are some baisc requirements the student is expected to meet in order to study MBBS overseas. The common requirements for studying MBBS abroad are listed below.


Students must be at least 17 years old in order to enrol in any of the medical universities. He/she should turn 17 years before 31st December of the admission year.


It is mandatory in almost all the medical universities in the world to pass (PCB) physics, chemistry and biology in 10+2 standard. 

If you are planning to study MBBS from the USA then it is mandatory for you to have a graduation certificate. 

NEET requirements:

In almost all countries, the NEET exam is a must. Since 2018, NEET exam has been declared as a crucial exam to study MBBS abroad. Although, some of the universities of different countries also require IELTS/TOEFL exams. 

Other than these, some of the universities even have separate entrance exams. Students need to discuss it before planning to take admission in the desired medical school. 


It Is mandatory for students to clear their 10+2 grade with physics, chemistry and biology as their subjects with at least 50% scores. Whereas, some countries like Bangladesh and China also expect students to get a minimum of 60% scores.

In most cases/countries it is assigned as 50% scores for general category and 40% scores for ST/SC/OBC categories. 

Drawbacks of studying MBBS Abroad

The study of medicine in abroad has both  benefits and drawbacks. Students who study MBBS abroad can benefit from cutting-edge technology, exposure to other cultures, and interactive learning training. However, traveling overseas to pursue MBBS also has some drawbacks, like given below.

  • Language issues
  • Cultural differences
  • Environmental circumstances
  • Risk of Fraudulent Universities
  • Varying Standards of education
  • MCI Screening test
  • Extreme climatic conditions
  • Internship training
  • Fear of facing Racism
  • Home sickness etc.


Hence, the medical field is a very prominent and one of the brightest career options one can opt for. This job not only benefits you morally but also financially. As mentioned above, pursuing MBBS from a top-notch university serves a great opportunity to everyone who has worked hard for it. 

However, that is the main reason why most of the young adults these days think practically about the future and are eyeing on studying MBBS from abroad because of its tremendous benefits and exposure to new environments. 

So, now if you have decided to study MBBS abroad and if you still have some doubts, you may contact our Pick Your Study education team anytime and we will help you with all your queries and try our level best to guide you throughout.


Ans. China is the cheapest country to study medicine. It has very low tuition fees that ranges in between 3000-9000 USD per year.

Ans. The degree of MBBS from Germany has highest recognition and is valued the most. It is one of the most popular country among students to study medicine because of its cost-effectiveness, top-class education and affordable fee structure.

Ans. It depends from university to university as some universities only accept NEET scores to give admission while some others can replace NEET exam with sone other entrance exam.


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