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If you are looking forward to studying MBBS from abroad, where you can get the best quality of education with an affordable tuition fee, Armenia can be the best option. Armenian universities have a simple and easy admissions process. Armenia’s low MBBS tuition, high-quality medical education, advanced facilities, and well-equipped laboratories draw thousands of students to the program.


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If you are looking forward to studying MBBS from abroad, where you can get the best quality of education with an affordable tuition fee, Armenia can be the best option. Armenian universities have a simple and easy admissions process. Armenia’s low MBBS tuition, high-quality medical education, advanced facilities, and well-equipped laboratories draw thousands of students to the program. In order to gain admission to Armenia’s best medical schools, students do not need to take any entrance examinations. It is definitely one of the top most degrees in the world and furthermore, after completing MBBS from a top medical university, an individual can officially transform into a medical professional.

The duration of this course lasts for almost 5.5 years in Armenia. Post MBBS he or she can choose among various career opportunities like becoming a physician, doctor, Endocrinologist, Pathologist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Gynecologist, Dentist, Physiotherapist and so many more. 

Although studying MBBS in Armenia has grown in popularity among young people globally. Today the number of people travelling abroad to pursue further studies has increased a lot compared to a few years ago. But why so? The main reason behind this could be the expensive fee structure, predetermined number of government seats, commission structure to get a seat in a few universities etc. 

Armenia has always been one of the most popular destinations for studying MBBS. People from around the World travel to Armenia for this degree because of its advanced education system, cost-effectiveness and its well-known infrastructure. 

Armenia has almost 26 state universities out of which 4 are international. And thirty three non-public authorised institutions of higher education. The best part is you only need to crack the NEET examination and no other entrance exam is required here in Armenia. Indeed, Armenia has a lot to offer.

If you are willing to study MBBS in Armenia, the pick your study education team will resolve all your doubts and will guide you thoroughly to get admission in one of its top universities.

Highlights of studying MBBS in Armenia 

Name of the course 

MBBS (Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery)

Duration of the course 

4.5 + 1 year Internship 

Basic eligibility for the course 

55% in PCB for General and 45% for SC/ST/OBC in 10+2

Medium of teaching 


NEET requirement 

Yes, mandatory 

IELTS & TOEFL requirement

Not required 



Cost of living (without rent)

Rs 80,000 – 85,000 (per month)



Benefits of studying MBBS in Armenia 

Armenia is rapidly moving towards a fast-paced country and modernised lifestyle. Buses and trains easily connect its states and offer numerous opportunities to recent graduates. Besides medicine, law and business fields has also brought attention and made Armenia one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Hence, Armenia is the best option for medical students who want to study in a peaceful environment with modern facilities. 

  • No other entrance exam is required besides NEET, perhaps it creates an ease of application. 
  • Almost all of the universities in Armenia have accommodation facilities. 
  • Students can rent inexpensive apartments when there is no hostel available at the university. 
  • Armenian universities are known for their affordable fee structures. 
  • Most Armenian universities provide scholarship benefits which may help students effectively. 
  • The country also has numerous libraries which can be accessed publicly. 
  • The Armenian universities are MCI and WHO approved which makes them top-tier universities. 
  • Because of its high-quality education, its degree is highly valued around the globe.
  • Furthermore, students can also pursue their PhD degree here and get more value.
  • Their MBBS graduate students can work at any hospital anywhere in the world they wish to. 
  • The teachers here are well qualified and have a lot of knowledge that can help the students.
  • Students also get the facility to apply for internships at hospitals which are affiliated with their universities. 
  • Incase of financial assistance, Armenia also provides many opportunities for students willing to do part-time jobs.
  • The people here are friendly and the lifestyle is easy going.
  • The campus life in Armenia is lively and vibrant too.
  • Usually the weather in Armenia is dry only, but sometimes it could vary by city. 
  • During the holidays, students can also explore the country and have a good time.
  • Armenia is a safe country with a low crime rate.
  • The economy of Armenia is expanding quickly.

Why study MBBS in Armenia ?

The city’s diversity in population is what attracts the most of the people. For all the medical students who want to earn their MBBS, Armenia is an excellent option. The rich heritage and welcoming natives of Students don’t have to worry about getting a visa, as most of the visa applications are approved. 

  • The culture in Armenia is easily adaptable. 
  • Diversity in population and rich heritage. 
  • Cost of living is very affordable. 
  • There are no charges for capitalization and donations to the universities in Armenia. 
  • It is one of the safest places with very low crime rates.
  • English is the commonly used language in Armenia. 
  • There will be no issues or language barriers in Armenian universities. 
  • The canteens also have a wide range of food options.
  • There is also a variety of vegetarian food options available. 
  • The canteens and campus area of all the universities are hygienic and safe.
  • People can navigate here easily and may take help from natives if needed.
  • The students here are prohibited from ragging or engaging in any form of racist activity.
  • Students can get student loans at very low interest rates from banks.

MBBS course curriculum in Armenia 

  • An Armenian medical school offers a 6 year MBBS program that includes 5 years of classroom instruction and a year of hands-on experience in a university-affiliated hospital.
  • In this study of 6 years of MBBS program, 1 year of internship is included. 
  • In the pre-clinical phase / semester 1-2, the subjects covered are Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology. 
  • In the para-clinical phase / semester 3-5, the subjects covered are Clinical postings, Microbiology, Pharmacology, OPD’s, Community medicine, Forensic medicine.
  • In the clinical phase / semester 6-9, the subjects covered are psychiatry, gynaecology, obstetrics, dermatology  and paediatrics belong to community medicine.

Cost of Living Armenia 

Because of its low tuition costs, many students choose the MBBS program in Armenia. However, the education quality is comparable to that of world-class universities. Depending on the university, studying and paying tuition fees can be expensive. In addition to their education, students pay for the university’s world-class facilities. University tuition typically ranges from Rs. 1.75 lakhs 3 lakhs annually. Even though some may find this price prohibitive, it is an investment in a better future. Perhaps the overall cost for studying in Armenia is comparatively lesser than any other countries.

Offered Scholarships 

Armenia is an excellent place for international students as it offers the hostel facility as well as rented apartments. Moreover, if you wish you can also stay in a  system called “host family” where locals invite you to stay with them and also get to witness Armenian culture. 

The expense of leasing a loft can go anyplace between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 45,000 depending on where you live. Students in hostels are provided with food, but apartment dwellers must purchase their own. Every city has a grocery store and many places that offer monthly food delivery packages specifically for students.

International students in Armenia may spend anything from Rs. 42,224 to Rs. 54,508 on  housing, food, utilities, and other essentials. 

Additionally, students must buy university textbooks and other study materials, which can  run anywhere from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000.

In large cities like Yerevan, there are subterranean metro systems, while in smaller towns, taxis and buses are more prevalent. Students can also choose to rent a car if they have a proper licence. 

Top MCI recognized Universities in Armenia 

MBBS in Armenia v/s MBBS in India

Basis of difference 

MBBS in Armenia 

MBBS in India

Fee structure 

MBBS fees are slightly expensive.

MBBS fees are affordable.

Course duration 

Duration is 5.5 years.

Duration is 6 years. 


MBBS is the first medical degree.

Medicine degree is the first medical degree.

Donation fee

No donation fee is accepted by the students.

Students sometimes need to pay the donation fee.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS course in Armenia 

The qualifying requirements for MBBS in Armenia are listed here, and applicants must meet them completely.

  • To be eligible for admission to a medical university in Armenia, the candidate or applicant must have passed the NEET exam with the required minimum score. 
  • For the general category, the applicant must have passed the 10+2 exam with at least 50% of the marks in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, and 40% for the reserved category. 
  • Before the 31st of December of the admission’s year, the applicant must have reached the age of 17 years old.
  • The age limit for admission to the MBBS program is 25. The upper age limit is five years more flexible for members of the reserved class.

Documents required for MBBS in Armenia 

  • A valid passport copy.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Student Visa.
  • 10 Photographs of the student.
  • Passing certificates of classes 10+2.
  • Academic transcripts, scores from relevant tests, such as the NEET.

How to get admission for MBBS in Armenia ?

The application process for the MBBS program at any Armenian medical university is very simple and straightforward.

Step 1: The application form should be completely filled with real information. 

Step 2: The completed application form should then be sent directly to the university. If a student has completed the form offline, he or she can send it to the appropriate university along with all required documents.

Step 3: The student receives an offer letter or acceptance letter from the university once the application form is received.

Step 4: The student will be required to pay the admission fee once their admission is confirmed.

Step 5: A student should apply for a visa and the necessary documents through the Armenian embassy once they receive a printed admission receipt.

Step 6: The applicant will receive their visa after all interviews and checks are completed.

Step 7: After a student has finished all the steps necessary to be admitted to the Armenian medical university, they can book their flights to Armenia.

Best Medical colleges in Armenia for intake 2022-2023


Establishment year

Starting fee

Country ranking 

Yerevan State Medical University 




Armenian Medical Institute 




Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University 




Yerevan Haybusak University 




University of Traditional Medicine 




Career prospects after completing MBBS in Armenia 

Hence, Armenia is an excellent choice for medical students pursuing MBBS. 

Its infrastructure is very advanced, and its education follows internationally accepted European standards. MBBS candidates are eligible to work in India once they have passed their MCI and FMGE screening tests.

Additionally, many prestigious doctors have graduated from Armenian universities and are employed in some of the world’s finest hospitals. The Armenian MBBS degree is recognized worldwide.

Furthermore, if you need any guidance or mentorship you may connect with our Pick Your Study education team and clear all your queries.


Ans. No, it is not. Students can easily apply for a Visa at the embassy once they receive the offer letter.

 Ans.  Not at all. Although it depends from person to person. Universities however offer paid internships too.

Ans. Yes, all the medical universities in Armenia have hostel facilities along with modern facilities like Wi-Fi, central AC, heaters and good quality Indian food.

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