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MBBS in Bangladesh has become a hotspot destination for students these days because of its top-notch universities and tremendous benefits from it. Students from all over the world wish to study in the Bangladesh medical universities due to its cost-effectiveness, easy admission process and standard education.

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MBBS in Bangladesh has become a hotspot destination for students these days because of its top-notch universities and tremendous benefits from it. Students from all over the world wish to study in the Bangladesh medical universities due to its cost-effectiveness, easy admission process and standard education.

Many universities of Bangladesh are approved by the world’s finest organisations like WHO and NMC. There is absolutely no need to worry about the Bengali language because the medium of instruction in the universities is English only. With a range of utmost benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh’s universities, it is also called “The city of education”. 

There are almost 25 public medical universities and 50 private universities in Bangladesh. Perhaps, MBBS in Bangladesh is a great choice for medical students. 

The MBBS programme duration is of 5 years with an extra 1 year of internship. The fresh intake for every academic year is usually in October. The basic eligibility criteria required to get enrolled in its universities is 60% scores in PCB and a NEET exam. Students don’t need to worry about the admission process as it is very simple and hassle-free. Also, the visa for Bangladesh can be received easily. 

So, just like many of them, even if you want to pursue your MBBS in one of the top-rated universities of Russia, you can contact our Pick Your Study education team anytime and we will be there to help you and guide you throughout under our mentorship.

Highlights of studying MBBS in Bangladesh 

Name of the course 

MBBS (Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery)

Duration of the course 

5 years + 1 year of internship 

Basic eligibility criteria required 

60% scores in PCB in 10+2

Medium of teaching 


NEET requirement 

Yes, mandatory 

IELTS/TOEFL requirements 

Not required 



Cost of living 

INR 15,000 to 25,000


Bangladeshi Taka

Benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

There are numerous benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh, which makes it one of the popular destinations for students studying MBBS there. For a variety of reasons Bangladesh is becoming one of the most popular countries in terms of education with modern infrastructure, quality of education, excellent service and career development. Some more benefits of studying there are:

  • Better ROI. 
  • Great accommodation facilities. 
  • Reasonable cost of living.
  • International exposure. 
  • Modernised way of education. 
  • Chance to get better placements. 
  • Indian food is easily available. 
  • 100% visa approval. 
  • Advanced learning techniques. 
  • Extraordinary experience.
  • Globally recognized degree.
  • Funding and loans easily available. 
  • On the campus, personal safety and security are assured.
  • After completing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh, students can apply to join the Medical Council of India by passing a screening test in order to practise medicine there.

Why study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Studying in Bangladesh is now the fifteenth most popular country to study MBBS abroad in the world due to its recent surge in popularity. Before enrolling into any university, students always need to make sure that the university they will be choosing has all the great factors in it. Here’s a list of some great reasons why a student can choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh. 

  • Simple and hassle-free admission process.
  • Low cost of education. 
  • Affordable cost of living. 
  • No Donation fee or capitation fee. 
  • Scholarship benefits. 
  • Most of its universities are MCI and NMC approved. 
  • No entrance exam or even IELTS is required. 
  • In comparison to other countries, the sponsorships are also high in Bangladesh.
  • The course curriculum in Bangladesh is the same as that of India.
  • World-class education with practical training.
  • Modern infrastructure. 
  • Latest technologies used in practical training. 
  • The members of the faculty are well-educated and highly skilled. 
  • There are enough seats available at very affordable tuition fees.

MBBS course curriculum in Bangladesh

In the span of 5 years, students have to study all the theories and practise the subjects listed below. Studying these subjects thoroughly and passing out exams with good grades matters the most in case of job opportunities. 




1st phase

1 and a half year




2nd phase 

1 year

Community Medicine 

Forensic Medicine 

3rd phase

1 year

Pharmacology and




4th phase

1 and a half year

Medicine and

 allied subjects

Surgery and

 allied subjects

Obstetrics Gynaecology

Cost of Living Bangladesh

Lately, many students are eyeing to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh’s universities because of several major reasons like low tuition fees and reasonable living expenses. The cost of education has been significantly reduced thanks to government subsidies in Bangladesh. Comparatively, studying MBBS in Bangladesh is very simple compared to other countries. The price of the study is very affordable. International students can attend Bangladesh’s universities with ease and avoid paying expensive tuition costs. They do not accept any donation other than this. 

Food and transportation costs are less expensive outside of major metropolitan areas. Students benefit more from staying in a hostel because the cost of food is included. 

However, if you wish you can eat at the restaurants available nearby. There are plenty of cafeterias, restaurants and hotels available with affordable prices. As a result, there won’t be any additional costs for the students. The students could also work part-time in their spare time.

There are several forms of transportation easily available in Bangladesh, like motorcars, private taxis, cabs, buses and express trains. All of them are safe and cheap too.

Offered Scholarships 

There are numerous MBBS scholarships in Bangladesh that offer fully financed MBBS courses. Each international student scholarship in Bangladesh has specific requirements and benefits. 

The top 5 scholarships offered in the universities of Bangladesh are listed below. 

  • The University of Dhaka Scholarship and Financial Aid.
  • Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Scholarship.
  • Bangladesh Medical College Scholarship.
  • Dhaka National Medical College Scholarship.
  • Fortune Education. 

Top MCI recognized Universities in Bangladesh

  • University of Dhaka
  • Rajshahi University
  • University of Chittagong
  • Shahjalal University of Science & Technology
  • Bangladesh University of Professionals
  • Gono Bishwabiddyalay (Gono University)
  • Dhaka National Medical College

MBBS in Bangladesh v/s MBBS in India

Basis of difference 

MBBS in Bangladesh 

MBBS in India 

Fee structure 

MBBS fees in Bangladesh lie in between INR 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs.

MBBS fees in India are very high. It could range from INR 20 lakhs to 80 lakhs depending upon the university you choose either private or government. 

Course duration 

The MBBS course duration in Bangladesh is 5 years.

The MBBS course duration in India is 4.5 years.

Seats availability 

The MBBS seats in Bangladesh are not limited as there are 25% seats reserved for Indian students.

The MBBS seats in India are very limited and if the student wants to reserve their seat some universities ask for extra charges.

Hence, for students thinking about starting a general medical career in the future, choosing to study MBBS in Bangladesh is possibly the most beneficial choice. For an international student, studying an MBBS in Bangladesh is by no means expensive. They’ll create the impression that you are pursuing an MBBS in India. Bangladesh might be the best option for Indian students who seek to pursue MBBS overseas.

So, if you are planning to study MBBS in Bangladesh / abroad, feel free to connect to us as we are always available to assist you and guide you throughout. Our Pick your Study education team will help you solve all your queries and provide proper guidance and mentorship for your onward journey. 

Eligibility criteria for MBBS course in Bangladesh

In order to get admission in any of the universities the student wishes to, he / she has to prove their eligibility as per their requirements. Such as:

  • Students need to pass 10+2 standard with 60% scores in physics, chemistry and biology subjects. 
  • Students also have to clear their NEET exam with minimum 55%-60% scores.
  • Students need to pass out from a well-recognized board of education and have good command over English. 

Documents required for MBBS in bangladesh

While you are taking admission in any of the universities, they tend to ask you for some documents. Make sure you assemble all the required documents and submit them the scanned copies. Here’s a list of documents which most of the universities ask for.

  • Birth certificate 
  • Id proof
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photos
  • Banks funds proof 
  • Bank statement 
  • Visa fees
  • 10th class mark sheets copies 
  • 12th class mark sheets copies
  • Medical reports including (HIV reports)
  • NOC from public authority 
  • Documents legalised by the respective embassies.

Admission process for MBBS in Bangladesh

The students need to follow the procedure given below along with submitting the scanned documents when required. Although, the process of admission in Bangladesh’s universities is very simple and hassle-free. 

Step 1: The medical universities in Bangladesh start their admissions from April which lasts till October.  

Step 2: The students have to fill the admission form at the official website of the university. 

Step 3: The university then asks for your valid documents and you are supposed to submit all the required documents. 

Step 4: Once you send them the documents,  and if they find you eligible. The university will send the student the invitation letter within 48 hours.

Step 5: After you receive the offer letter you can pay the tuition fees to your university. 

Step 6: Next major step is to apply for the visa. To get the visa issued it will take around 2 to 3 weeks.

Step 7: Once you get your visa, you can book your tickets as soon as possible.

Step 8: Make sure you arrive in Bangladesh by the second week of September and then you can continue with your classes.

Best Medical colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh


Country ranking 

Established year

Tuition fee

University of Dhaka



Rs. 31,50,000

Rajshahi University 



Rs. 30,17,000

University of Chittagong 



Rs. 25,20,000

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology 



Rs. 26,60,000

Bangladesh University of Professionals 



Rs. 30,17,000

Gono Bishwabiddyalay (Gono University)



Rs. 22,42,000

Dhaka National Medical College 



$3,250 USD/per year

Khwaja Younus Ali Medical College



Rs. 20,10,000

Southern Medical College 



Rs. 30,07,000


Ans. Yes, you can easily apply for different loan providers for student education loans.

Ans. If they find you eligible and are content with your documents it hardly takes 2-4 weeks to get you an invitation/offer letter.

Ans. The MBBS fee in Bangladesh’s universities ranges from INR 30 lakhs to INR 45 lakhs.

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