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ANU offers a formal medical degree program. However, ANU does participate in the Joint Medical Program (JMP), which is a collaboration between ANU and the University of Newcastle. The JMP is a graduate-entry medical program that offers a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine degrees. It is a four-year program that is designed to train medical students to become doctors with a focus on rural regional health, Indigenous health, and global health. The program is based at the University of Newcastle’s campuses in New South Wales (NSW), with clinical placements at various hospitals and healthcare facilities in NSW and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), including the ANU Medical School’s clinical schools. The ANU Medical School, as part of the Joint Medical Program, emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to medical education, incorporating a range of scientific, social, and clinical aspects of medicine. The program aims to produce graduates who are skilled, compassionate, and socially responsible doctors.

University Ranking

The Australian National University Medical School has been ranked #1 in the country and #30 in the world in QS world university rankings 2023.

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Source: QS Ranking

Popular Courses

Course Name Duration Average Fees $

Bachelor of Medical Studies

5 Yrs.

40 lakh INR

Doctor of Medicines

2 Yrs.

20 lakh INR

As for the popular course offered through the JMP at ANU, the BMedStud/MD program is the primary course offered. This program is designed for graduate-entry students who have completed an UG degree in relevant field and wish to pursue a career in medicine. The program is structured to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and clinical experiences required for medical practice, with a focus on rural and regional health, Indigenous health, and global health.

The typical duration of the JMP is approximately 4 years, with the first two years comprising the BMedStud degree and the subsequent two years comprising the MD degree. However, please note that the program structure and duration may vary, and it’s important to refer to the official program information for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

Student Life

Student Life at The Australian National University Medical School is vibrant and dynamic, with a string emphasis on academic excellence, innovation, and personal development. Here are some of the key features of student life at Medical school

  1. Medical programs are typically rigorous and demanding, with a focus on classroom lectures, laboratory work, clinical rotations, and practical experiences. Students may have a combination of lectures, tutorials, and hands-on clinical training, along with assessments and exams.
  2. Medical schools often provide opportunities for clinical experience, including rotations in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare settings. This allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and gain practical experience in patient care.
  3. Medical school offer various co-curricular activities, such as student organizations, clubs, sports, volunteering opportunities, and social events. These activities can provide opportunities for networking, professional development, and a well-rounded student experience.
  4. Medical school typically provide support services and resources for students, such as academic advising, counselling, health services, and career services. These resources can help students navigate the challenges of medical school and support their well-being.

Hostel & Accommodation

ANU which is located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, and is renowned for its strong academic programs and research excellence. If you are looking for hostel or accommodation options near ANU, there are several options available:

  1. ANU offers a range of on-campus accommodation options, including self-catered residentials halls and fully furnished apartments. These options are specifically designed for ANU students and provide a convenient and supportive living environment within clode proximity to the campus.
  2. UniLodge @ANU is a popular accommodation option for ANU students, offering modern, fully furnished apartments located within walking distance of the campus. UniLodge @ANU provides a range of amenities, including communal spaces, study areas, and recreational facilities.
  3. There are several private hostels located near ANU that cater to students. These hostels offer shared rooms, common areas, and basic amenities, making them a more affordable option for budget-conscious students.
  4. There are many off-campus rental options available near ANU, including apartments, townhouses, and shared houses. You cab explore various online platforms and real estate agencies to find suitable rental accommodation that meets your preferences and budget.
  5. ANU also offers a homestay program where students can live with local families in Canberra. This can be great option for international students who are looking for a culturally immersive experience and additional support in settling into a new country.


The ANU Medical School offers a range of scholarships to support its students’ academic and personal goals. Here are some of the scholarships provided by ANU Medical School:

  1. ANU Medical Schools Excellence Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the ANU Medical School who have demonstrated academic excellence in their previous studies. 
  2. AMU Medical School Rural Health Bursary: This bursary is awarded to students from rural or remote areas of Australia who are enrolled in the ANU Medical School, with the aim of supporting their education and promoting healthcare in rural communities.
  3. ANU Medical school Equity Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students from underrepresented backgrounds who are enrolled in the ANU Medical School, with the aim of promoting diversity and inclusivity in the medical profession.
  4. ANU Medical School Commonwealth Supported Place Equity Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place in the ANU Medical School who are experiencing financial hardships. 
  5. ANU Medical School Indigenous Health Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to Indigenous Australian students who are enrolled in the ANU Medical School, with the aim of supporting their education and promoting Indigenous health and wellbeing.


The ANU Medical School is one of the prestigious institutions that provides a range of facilities to support medical education, research, and clinical practice. Some of the facilities provided by ANU Medical School may include:

  • State-of-the-art Lecture Halls and Classrooms
  • Clinical Skills and Simulation Laboratories
  • Anatomy Laboratories
  • Research Facilities
  • Clinical Training Facilities
  • Libraries and Study Spaces
  • Student Support Services
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Accommodation

Know more about study in Australia

It is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it is famous for surfing, and its warm climate. Australia is considered to be the 6th largest country in the world, covering the area of 7.69 million square kilometres. More than 25 million people lives in Australia, making the country at most diverse. It’s rich culture and history are founded on its Aboriginal heritage and a blend of vibrant cultures. Australia is a global leader for education. These are the reasons which make Australia a better study place for international students.

  • Australia has a strong educational system with a focus on research and innovation, offering degrees and programs that are recognized globally.
  • Australia is a welcoming and inclusive country, with a diverse population and a vibrant multicultural society that encourages respect for all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Australia is known for being a safe and friendly country, with low crime rates and high standard of living.
  • International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies, and full-time during semester breaks, which can help offset the cost of living.
  • Australia has a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle, with a great climate, beautiful beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities.

About Canberra City

Canberra is the capital city of Australia and is located in the Australian Capital Territory, which is a self-governing territory within the country. Here are some facts about Canberra:

  1. Canberra is located in south-east Australia, halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. It is nestled in the northern end of the Australian Alps and is surrounded by nature reserves, forests, and mountains, which contribute to its picturesque landscape.
  2. Canberra was established as the capital of Australia in 1913, and it was purpose built to serve as the seat of government for the nation. It was chosen as the capital due to its central location between Melbourne and Sydney, as a compromise between the two largest cities in Australia.
  3. Canberra has an estimated population of around 5,00,000 making it the eighth largest city in Australia. The population is diverse, with people from various cultural backgrounds residing in the city, including a significant proportion of public servants, diplomats, and academics due to its role as the capital.
  4. Canberra is governed by the Australian Capital territory government, which has self-governing powers and operates similar to a state government. The ACT Chief Minister is the head of government, and the Australian federal Government also has a significant presence in Canberra, with the Parliament House, Australian government departments, and diplomatic missions located in the city.
  5. Canberra is known for its cultural and national attractions, including the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, and the parliament House. It also boasts parks, gardens, and lakes, such as Lake Burley Griffin, which offer opportunities for outdoor recreation, including cycling, hiking, and water sports.

 Australian National University Medical School FAQ’s

The student: faculty ratio in ANU Medical School is 11:1.

The Australian National University Medical School has been ranked #1 in the country and #30 in the world in QS world university rankings 2023.

When choosing ANU Medical School, these are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Academic Programs
  • Reputation
  • Student Life 
  • Accommodation
  • Location and Accessibility
  • Affordability

Candidate must have a GPA of 5.6 and above to be considered for an interview.

Yes, ANU Medical School provides scholarships to international students enrolling in their medical program.


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