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DTMU, Tbilisi School of Medicine

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Tbilisi International Airport (TBS)

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City of Tbilisi

About David Tvildani Medical University, Georgia


David Tvildani Medical University (DTMU), Tbilisi is a prestigious and highly regarded private university. DTMU, which was founded in 1989, is dedicated to providing high-quality medical education and training to students from all over the world. The university provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes in medicine and healthcare, including a six-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme, a four-year Bachelor of Nursing programme, and postgraduate programmes in a variety of medical specialties.

The university has cutting-edge facilities and resources, such as modern laboratories, clinical training centres, and simulation rooms. DTMU also has a highly qualified and experienced faculty comprised of renowned physicians, scientists, and educators who are dedicated to providing their students with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

DTMU is recognised by a number of international organisations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), and has collaborations with numerous universities and healthcare institutions worldwide. As a result, the university is able to provide its students with unique opportunities for international collaborations and exchanges, as well as clinical and research experience in various parts of the world.

The university’s mission is to educate skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who can help communities around the world improve their health and well-being. DTMU strives to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment in which students can expand their knowledge, skills, and values in order to become leaders in their respective fields of healthcare.

University Ranking – David Tvildani Medical University, Georgia

According to UniRank, David Tvildani Medical University, Georgia is ranked 13th in Georgia and 8911 globally.

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Source: QS Ranking

Popular Courses

Course Name Duration Average Fees $

General Medicine (MBBS)

6 Yrs.

$6,000 - $7,000

Bachelor of Nursing

4 years

$2,000 - $3,000

Master of Science in Healthcare Management

2 years

$3,500 - $4,500

Master of Science in Public Health

2 years

$3,500 - $4,500

Master of Science in Medical Biology

2 years

$3,500 - $4,500

Student Life

David Tvildani Medical University (DTMU) in Georgia has a thriving student life with numerous opportunities for personal and academic development. Students at DTMU come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, resulting in a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Students can join a variety of clubs and organisations at the university, including cultural, sports, and academic groups. Students can also participate in research and clinical experience in a variety of medical specialties. Furthermore, the university hosts social and cultural events throughout the year, giving students a chance to unwind and socialise. Overall, the student experience at DTMU is enriching and rewarding, offering students a well-rounded and fulfilling experience.

Hostel & Accommodation

Students at Georgia’s David Tvildani Medical University (DTMU) can stay on campus in modern and comfortable hostels. Male and female students have separate hostels at the university, and each room is furnished with basic amenities such as beds, study desks, and wardrobes. There are also common areas for socialising in the hostels, such as a lounge, kitchen, and laundry facilities. With 24-hour security and surveillance, the university ensures that the hostels are secure and safe for students. DTMU’s housing fees are reasonable and include utilities such as electricity, water, and internet access. If necessary, the university will also assist students in finding off-campus housing.


David Tvildani Medical University (DTMU) in Georgia provides scholarships and financial aid to students to help with educational costs. The university provides merit-based scholarships to outstanding students with strong academic records. Furthermore, DTMU has collaborated with a number of organisations and government agencies to provide need-based scholarships to students in need. These scholarships may cover tuition, room and board, and other education-related expenses. The university also offers students the opportunity to work part-time on campus to supplement their income. For more information on scholarships and other forms of financial assistance, students should contact the university’s financial aid office.


David Tvildani Medical University (DTMU) in Georgia provides a variety of facilities to meet the academic and personal needs of its students. The university’s classrooms, laboratories, and libraries are modern and well-equipped, providing students with an excellent learning environment. In addition, the university has cutting-edge medical facilities and hospitals where students can gain hands-on clinical experience. On-campus housing, a cafeteria, sports facilities, and computer labs with high-speed internet access are also available. Students have access to academic and career counselling services, as well as extracurricular activities such as clubs and organisations, at the university. Overall, DTMU is dedicated to providing its students with a wide range of resources to help them succeed academically and personally.

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Georgia is an excellent choice for students looking for a high-quality education at a reasonable price. The country has a vibrant student life, a welcoming community, and a rich cultural heritage. Medical, engineering, business, and humanities programmes are available at Georgia’s universities. Because English is the language of instruction, it is an ideal destination for international students. Georgia has a low cost of living, making it an appealing option for students looking to study abroad without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the country is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, making it an excellent base for exploration and travel. Overall, studying in Georgia provides students with an excellent opportunity to obtain a valuable education while immersing themselves in a fascinating culture.

About Kant City

Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city, is located on the banks of the Kura River. It is a historical and culturally rich city with a rich blend of mediaeval, classical, and modern architecture. Tbilisi’s attractions include historic sites, museums, art galleries, and parks. The city is also known for its lively nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. Tbilisi is a multicultural city that welcomes visitors from all over the world, making it an ideal location for international students to live and study. Overall, Tbilisi is an enthralling city with a distinct blend of old-world charm and modernity.

University FAQs

The exact student-faculty ratio at Georgia’s David Tvildani Medical University is not available. However, the university takes pride in keeping class sizes small and providing personalised attention to each student.

According to UniRank, David Tvildani Medical University, Georgia is ranked 13th in Georgia and 8911 globally.

When choosing the David Tvildani Medical University, Georgia, consider the academic programmes offered, the university’s reputation for research and teaching excellence, the location and campus facilities, student support services, and the cost and availability of financial aid.

Yes, international applicants are eligible for scholarships at David Tvildani Medical University in Georgia. Students interested in applying for a scholarship should visit the university’s website to learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements.

There is no publicly stated minimum GPA requirement for admission to the university. The university does, however, have admission requirements that students must meet, such as successfully completing their high school education or an equivalent programme, as well as meeting the minimum age requirement.


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