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Mkhitar Gosh HRU

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Zvartnots International Airport

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Yerevan, Armenia

The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University was established in the year 1996. The university is located in the city of Yerevan, the capital city of Malaysia. The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is considered to be one of the leading universities to provide a high-quality education to its students in the field of medicine. The university is registered and authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia. The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), the National Medical Council, the Quality Assurance, and the World Health Organization. The university is regarded by the students as an ideal choice to pursue their MBBS. This clearly justifies how exciting and empowering the university would be! The educational programs offered to the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels are in the fields of law, economics, management, and humanities. The reasons that studying at this university is highly preferred are because of the following – The medium of instruction at the university is English. Secondly, the degree which students get in MBBS from the Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is valid in India and other nations. Lastly, students can apply for various internships while studying at the Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University. The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University has got a very vibrant and engaging student life wherein the student life organizes academic and social events throughout the year. To sum up, The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is a reputable private institution of higher education in Armenia, offering high-quality education in various fields, with modern and advanced facilities, and international collaborations.

University Ranking

The Mkhitar Gosh University is listed amongst the medical universities listed by the World health organization and National Medical Commission. The world ranking of the Mkhitar Gosh University is 12293 whereas it is ranked 31 nationally.

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Source: QS Ranking

Popular Courses

Course Name Duration Average Fees $


6 Yrs.


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

4 Yrs.


Master of Science (Information Technology)

2 Yrs.


Student Life

Student life at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University in Armenia is vibrant and diverse, with a range of extracurricular activities and student organizations to choose from. Students can participate in sports clubs, music and dance groups, debate teams, and other social and cultural activities organized by the university or student-led groups. The university also offers various support services to help students adjust to campus life, including academic advising, career counseling, and mental health services.

Hostel & Accommodation

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University in Armenia offers comfortable and affordable hostel accommodation for students on campus. The university has two separate dormitory buildings for male and female students, each equipped with basic amenities such as shared kitchens, laundry facilities, and study rooms. The rooms are furnished with beds, desks, and chairs, and students can choose to live in single, double, or triple rooms. The university also provides off-campus accommodation options for students who prefer to live independently, with plenty of affordable apartments and shared housing options available in the surrounding neighborhoods.


Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University in Armenia offers several scholarship opportunities for both domestic and international students. These scholarships are awarded on a merit-based system and cover partial or full tuition fees, depending on the student’s academic achievements and financial need. In addition to university-funded scholarships, there are also several external scholarship programs available to students, such as the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) scholarships and the DAAD scholarship for German students.


Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University in Armenia is equipped with modern facilities and resources to support student learning and research. The university has well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, with access to a range of academic databases and research materials. The campus also has several sports facilities, including a gym, basketball court, and soccer field, to encourage students to engage in physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the university has a student center that provides various support services, such as career counseling, mental health services, and academic advising.

Know more about Study in Armenia

Armenia is a great destination for students looking to pursue higher education in a diverse and culturally rich environment. The country has a long history of education, with a number of prestigious universities and institutes offering a wide range of degree programs in various fields. The education system in Armenia is modeled on the European higher education system, with a focus on academic rigor and research. The universities offer undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in subjects such as medicine, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and business. The cost of studying in Armenia is relatively affordable compared to other European countries, and there are also a number of scholarship opportunities available for international students.

About Yerevan City

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia, located in the central part of the country. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with a rich history dating back to the 8th century BC. Yerevan is known for its beautiful architecture, particularly its pink stone buildings which give the city a unique charm. The city is also home to many museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions that showcase the country’s rich history and traditions.

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian FAQ’s

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as law, economics, engineering, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and languages.

The duration of undergraduate programs at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University is four years, and graduate programs typically range from one to two years, depending on the specific program.

International students must submit their academic transcripts, language proficiency test scores, and other relevant documents to be considered for admission at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University. They must also meet the university’s minimum GPA and language requirements.

Yes, Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian University offers scholarships and financial aid to eligible students based on their academic performance, financial need, and other criteria. Students can also apply for external scholarships and grants.


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